Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Card Sale

Hey every one!

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Six Samurai Tips: What Not To Do

Hello every one, here are some Six Samurai tips for those making or running a Six Samurai deck!

1. Don't run Hand of the Six Samurai

Why?  Because it slows your deck down.  The card only runs well if you get a Kizan or Grandmaster in your hand with it. Don't ever rely on your deck pulling specific combos.  The deck should work no matter what hand you get.  And besides, the Mizuho and Shinai combo works way better than the Hand's effect.

2.  Don't run Elder of the Six Samurai

Many people are tempted to put in Elder of the Six Samurai because it's similar to Cyber Dragon (which everyone used to love). Not only that, but you can still Normal Summon it!  And that's its main problem, it's a waste of a Normal Summon and a dead draw.  If you get it on your first hand, it's a great card (if you're not going first).  Otherwise, it's a horrible card to have in your hand. Don't waste space in you deck for a card that only works on your first turn.

3.  Don't run Spirit of the Six Samurai

While its effect is great, Spirit of the Six Samurai is a waste of a Normal Summon.  Unless you can get it down with Kageki's effect, it will most likely stay in your hand for a turn.  You'll usually want to use your Normal Summon for Kagemusha, but if you think you can run your deck by using Shien's Dojo to consistently get Kagemusha out, I'd say go ahead and run one of Spirit (or side it).

That's it for now.  Happy dueling!