Thursday, May 10, 2012

Yu-Gi-Oh: Hieratic Dragons, Part 2

Still think the Hieratic dragons suck? Well you're wrong. Take a closer look at this set of cards and their potential should be clear. Each card that's over level 4 has some way to special summon itself or another card from your deck, take Tefnuit for example.

He's essentially a Cyber Dragon that fits neatly with this deck. And he's not the only one that can be special summoned. Many of the cards can be special summoned by tributing a Hieratic monster on the field. Which is cool you know that's ok... except, wham, this deck takes it a step further. 

Every single monster in this deck (outside of the eggs) can special summon a monster when it's tribute summoned. And since the wording on the cards say you can tribute a monster to special summon this card,  you only need 3 monsters in your hand to get enough monsters on the field and Exeed for not some Rank 4, but for a Rank 6 or even 8. And that's not even counting the spells that go with them.

With the Seal of Convocation and the seal of Supremacy, you can add whatever Hieratic monster from your deck to your hand and then special summon it with no cost.

To summarize, this deck fucking rocks.


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