Saturday, January 12, 2013

Line up at Locals

Over the last week at our local tournaments, my friends and I jotted down the decks we faced as well as  some side cards that we could use against them.  There is a line up of the decks we faced:
  • Anti-Meta
  • Anti-Meta Stall
  • Atlantean
  • Dark World
  • Dark World
  • Dark World (With Deck Devastation Virus)
  • Dino Rabbit
  • Dino Rabbit (Macro)
  • Evolsar Dolka/Laggia Deck
  • Fairy Agents
  • Gravekeeper
  • Herald Spellbooks
  • Karakuri Synchro Deck
  • Inzektor
  • Krystia Agents
  • Madolche
  • Machina Gadget
  • Machine Geargia
  • Macro Dino Rabbit with Wind Up and Dark Worlds
  • Normal Monster Heros
  • X-Saber