Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Yu-Gi-Oh: Hieratic Dragons, Part 1

The Hieratic archtype is a relatively new set that was just introduced in the Galactic Overlord pack. This set of cards has some serious potential and is already highly sought after. IE, be prepared to see these fuckers at a tournament near you.

To sum up the whole deck, the idea is to get the 2 egg... things on the field using the abilities of the other dragons, and then Exeed summon for one of two amazing Hieratic Xyz. 

On top of just being gorgeous and stupidly strong, these two Xyz can be used to special summon your dragons (Hieratic Dragon King of Atum) or be used to destroy your opponents monsters (Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopolis). 

But let's say you're not in the mood for completely fucking your opponent over with just dragons, the way this deck is set up, you could Exceed for just about any level 6 or level 8 Xyz monster. Including Neo's. 

Now you might be sitting there thinking, man this is so stupid, there's only like.. 2 level 4 cards. Everything else needs a tribute. So how the fuck is this any good?

Well stick around for part two and find out.


dragon monsters are always pretty damn strong

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