Saturday, December 29, 2012

Card of the Day: Messenger of Peace

As everyone at my local card shop likes to say: "This card is just too good." Messenger of Peace stops many plays in the current meta. Unless your opponent has Heavy Storm or MST, their pretty much stuck since Messenger of Peace doesn't allow monsters with 1500 or more attack to attack.  Also, paying the cost is optional, so when you finally are able to go for the OTK, you can destroy the card and go off.

I usually protect the Messenger of Peace by setting Starlight Road or The Huge Revolution is Over with it as well as playing another more detrimental card with it (such as Vanity's Emptiness or Shadow Imprisoning Mirror).

At locals, this card single handedly saved my from a Six Samurai deck as I was able to stall for five turns before finally not paying the cost, blowing up the whole field and attacking for game.  The card is great against anti-meta decks which usually focus on monsters with 1800+ ATK.  Things like Thunder King, Doomcaliber, and those damn Malefics simply cannot attack.  Hero decks have such a hard time with Messenger of Peace, it's almost unfair.  The typical meta Hero Deck only runs monsters with 1800+ ATK (save for Bubbleman); but be wary of Gemini Spark.

You can use this card with Injection Fairy Lily since it gets around Messenger of Peace since it gains attack during the Damage Step.  Another great combo is to use Lava Golem or Creature Swap Acid Golemn and play this card, forcing your opponent to pay life points without being able to attack.


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