Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Anti Meta Malefics: Part 1

That's right. Malefics. If you're a hard core nerd, or know who LittleKuriboh is, you may recognize them from the Yu-Gi-Oh movie: Bonds Beyond Times. For those a little less nerdy, you might just recognize them as fucked up versions of your favorite cards. 

To summarize, these guys are freakishly easy to summon and stupidly strong. Their only fault lies with the need for a field spell, and when paired with the right spell, that's hardly a draw back. And for a set of cards who's most expensive monster sits right at $2, these guys are surprisingly underused. 

So, into the deck. Paradox was almost there when making his deck to defeat our favorite pwotagonists, he had the broken monsters, all he needed was the broken spells and traps to go with them. 

Necrovalley and Skill drain are what make this deck so... great. Necrovalley puts a hold on the graveyard, which while it won't hurt you if you have a Malefic/Gravekeeper deck, it'a a pain in the ass for many decks (Inzectors anyone?). And Skill Drain just... it just fucks everything up. Because the important part of the Malefics effects, the summoning conditions are just that, conditions and not effects, Skill Drain does jack shit against them.

Thank god for loop holes.

These two cards make for some great additional support. Starting with trade in, this is the draw power of this deck. If you run 3 of each, there are 12 cards in this deck that are level 8. 12. That's insanity. And since it was just recently re-printed, getting your hands on this card is relatively easy.

As for Gear Town, it makes for a second field for the Malefics, as well as giving you easy acces to a strong (level 8) 3000 attack monster, Ancient Gear Dragon.

The final card allows for an OTK if you can set it up right. Limiter Removal used on Cyber End Dragon bumps him up to a massive 8000 attack. If you can get a direct hit, you win. And if not, well no matter what you're attacking, your opponent will still take quite a bit of damage.


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