Sunday, July 29, 2012

Anti Meta Malefics: Part 2

Going back to the Malefics and the muscle of this deck, its relatively simple. There may be a lot of Malefic cards, but there are really only 2 that you need to use. Sorry Kaiba, but Blue Eyes isn't one of them. 

The two you really need are Cyber Dragon and Stardust. Since the material needed for them lies in the Extra Deck, you won't have any dead draws with something like a... Rainbow Dragon. Plus Cyber Dragon makes a great beat stick with a whopping 4000 attack.

Another card that works well with this, is Beast King Barbaros. Another level 8 target for Trade In, this card ALSO doubles as a card you can normal summon with 1900 attack if for some reason Skill Drain just isn't in your reach. And if Skill Drain is on your field, well, 3000 attack will bring most monsters to their knees.

The final recommended monster for the Malefic deck goes back to the dragons. Allowing you to use another field card for the Malefics, this sucker packs a powerful punch with a whooping 3000 attack, and it effectivly protects itself from spells and traps. And if you're stuck with him in your hand, he also doubles as the 4th and final target for Trade In.


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